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Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods

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Campus Entrance :: Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods

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The Metropolitan Community College was originally instituted in 1914, as a Polytechnic Institute in Kansas City. After its transformation into the Kansas City Junior College, it became the first two- year university in the United States to award its students with an associate’s degree. In 1964, the junior college developed into Metropolitan Community College. Since its induction, MMC has developed into five campuses across the city and educates around 18,000 students every fall. One of these campuses is Blue River, located in Independence, Missouri


Over 70% of the students at Metropolitan Community College plan to obtain an Associate’s degree and transfer to a four-year university upon graduation. The degrees offered are Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Arts, Associate in Business, Associate in Criminal Justice Associate in Teaching, Associate in Computer Science, Associate in Engineering, and an Associate in Science. Students should ideally choose what four-year university they wish to attend and make sure they are taking transferable classes. Students should speak with their academic advisors often to make sure they are on the right course and taking the correct classes.

Metropolitan Community College has five different campuses: Blue River, Business and Technology, Longview, Maple Wood, and Penn Valley. Each of the five different campuses offers MMC students something unique in classes and programs. The Blue River campus hosts a variety of general education programs. Blue River also provides first-rate music training with over 30 classes, speech and theater courses, the Public Safety Institute, Community Education, and Firefighter training.

Blue River provides an Associate in Arts: Music Technologist. It is perfect for students who wish to learn musical education, musical therapy, soundtrack development, audio engineering, music arranging, composition, conducting, and film scoring. Students have a choice of over 30 musical classes, which include a range of vocal and instrumental courses. Classes also include music theory, music appreciation, and the evolution of jazz. Performance in a local band, ensample, symphony, or chorale will receive college credit.

The Blue River Campus also provides its students with an exciting speech and theater program. A theater or speech degree is not offered, but speech and theater classes may be used to fill various course requirements for an Associate in Arts degree. Film acting, television and stage acting, theater management, communications, and production are just a few of the courses Metropolitan Community College offers its students. The theater courses are designed to give students the skills needed to find a theatrical career in the workforce or obtain a four-degree in the theater or speech field.

The Public Safety Institute will build a student around the Police and Fire Academies. These training facilities will teach students to become police officers and firefighters at one of the best training grounds in the Midwest. The Law Enforcement Program is less expensive than the normal CEU hourly rate. Metropolitan Community College charges at a mere $10 for every CEU hour. The only exceptions to these charges are new detectives, instructor development, and first line supervisors.

The Fire Academy is recognized by the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the Internal Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). This gives Metropolitan Community College recruits qualification to work as a firefighter in most states. All instructors are firefighters who have served in the local fire departments. Each student will receive training for not only immediate real-world needs, but also training for needs the public may need in the future. Each candidate must pass the Physical Ability Test and take the B-5 Fire Service Entrance Exam from International Management Associate for Human Resources. Metropolitan Community College students will be charged for these tests at a discounted price.

Unique Programs

The United States Department of Education has provided the Upward Bound Program for low-income students and first generation college-bound students from Independence and the surrounding area. Students receive free tutoring, enrichment classes, financial aid assistance, career and academic counseling, and a variety of other open services. This particular program has been a great help to high school students who have no financial ability to attend college. If a student would like to apply for this program, he or she should begin to apply in high school if possible.

Financial Aid

Around 43% of MMC students acquire scholarships and grants a year. Federal loans and grants are available, as well as an A+ scholarship provided by the state. The A+ scholarship will financially aid students whose GPA remains above 2.5, goes to class, is a full-time student, and gives 50 hours of free tutoring

The Upward Bound Program mentioned in the “Unique Programs” section can also assist local students who may be in need of financial assistance.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 5520th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Missouri.


Metropolitan Community College is for everyone, regardless of age or position in life. Around 3,000 students attend the Blue River Campus every semester. The diversity leads from high school graduates, international students, to older adults returning to complete their education. Students from over 50 countries and 28% transfer students take advantage of the quality education MMC has to offer. Many students live close to campus, even though there is nothing in the way of official student housing.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Local Community

Independence, Missouri is full of rich history and friendly people. Civil war sites and covered wagon rides are only the beginning for this city. Independence is also home to the Oasis Water Park and original American architecture. Citizens of Independence and the surrounding area are invited to take both credit and non-credit courses. They may take courses to build their education, receive career certification, or simply for fun.


Each class is taught by a caring professional who is devoted to their individual students. Because class sizes average around 18 students, the professors know every student’s name. Many have won awards and will use their knowledge to help each student succeed in their academic endeavors.


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